Flagstaff Arizona Accor Hotel

Parents and students will find that staying at a Flagstaff hotel near NA U is much more convenient when they visit or move to campus. No matter if you want to book a hotel in Flagstaff, the choice of the right place will make your visit more pleasant and comfortable.

If you are in the Phoenix area in winter, as many visitors do, staying at a downtown hotel will minimize the amount of snow you will have to deal with while driving. If you're downtown in winter, get out of the car and enjoy the outdoors, which is great in Flagstaff. While you enjoy the city centre and maybe have a few drinks, you will be glad that your hotel is right on the street.

Staying at a Flagstaff hotel on campus allows you to walk, take a short shuttle, or even ride a bike or ride a bike.

Flagstaff is an incredibly bike friendly city, and you get almost everything you need when staying in a hotel near NAU. There are many places to have a drink or coffee, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars on campus.

Another consideration when choosing a Flagstaff hotel is safe parking, and this is a good choice for students who arrive early in the semester and have limited access to vehicles. When visiting Northern Arizona University, stay at a hotel near the campus and enjoy a free shuttle service to NAU. Most hotels and motels offer amenities such as walking paths to and from the hotel and free parking.

Many vehicles that are well suited for driving on Phoenix freeways do not always get along well in the snow, such as the Toyota Prius, Honda Civic and Toyota Camry.

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More About Flagstaff