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The Drury Plaza Hotel in Santa Fe will begin accepting guests this summer, said general manager Tauseen Malik, making it the first major downtown hotel to open in more than a decade. The first of two new hotels in a new hotel complex near the city centre is now open to guests. The Pgms will stay at the Drryry Plaza Hotel, which is located on the second floor of the Plaza Plaza, directly across from the University of New Mexico campus.

The hotel also has a fitness centre, which features a full-service gym, as well as a swimming pool and spa. Subject to popularity, price and availability, check Tripadvisor reviews and photos of the deal for more information about the hotel and its location in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Based on the popularity, prices and available rooms for sale at the Drryry Plaza Hotel in Santa Fe. See TripAdvisor review and photo of this deal and more information on this hotel's website.

Take advantage of the free Phoenix Hotel and view the suits at Flagstaff Arizona Homewood Suites in Phoenix, Arizona. To learn more about the location and how to get there, call Hotel 602 at 225-0500 or check out its location on I-17, located south of Phoenix International Airport on the west side of I, 17, which is accessible by driving in any direction and viewing the suit. Take advantage of a free Phoenix Airport Hotel Shuttle by calling the Phoenix Airport Hotel Shuttle at 215 - 604 - 5555 or the Hotel 601 - 7500.

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The I-10 that takes you west from the Southeast Valley to the Tucson area via an exit off I-10 and then east through the Phoenix area to Tucson.

Take the first exit on W Commonwealth Pl and follow AZ 202 to Exit 42 and continue for approximately 0.3 miles and then turn right onto AZ-202 at the intersection of W. Commonwealth and I-10. Turn right at the Arizona State Route 202 exit and take the second exit off I / 10 freeway and continue for another 1. 5 miles.

Enjoy a complimentary cooked breakfast in your hotel's superior suites or book a stay at one of Drury Hotels where guests enjoy complimentary amenities and extra services.

All - Suite Phoenix hotels offer free breakfast and free airport transfers, all based on popularity, price and availability. Hilton Phoenix Airport South is just a short drive from Phoenix International Airport and Arizona State University campus. Take the East Exit on AZ Hwy 143 South and head south to the airport and then take the highway north.

Indulge in a dose of culture and discover a variety of local restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants in the Phoenix area. At about 4 miles away you can see and catch up on the latest news, music, food and entertainment from around the world, as well as your favorite movies and TV shows.

Escape the hustle and bustle of downtown Phoenix and enjoy a round of world-class golf. Historical sites of Native American people to immerse themselves in the history of the Navajo Nation and its people, culture and history.

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