Flagstaff Arizona Marriott Hotel

Fairfield Inn & Suites Flagstaff Northeast, located at 1000 North Country Club Drive, is operated as a Marriott franchise by High Pines Hotel LLC and managed by Southwest Hospitality Management in Mesa, Arizona. It is located north of Grand Canyon National Park and borders many national parks and attractions, including the Grand Canyon, and offers guests welcoming decor, excellent amenities, a great location and great views. It is scheduled to open in summer 2017, just months after a new hotel at the University of Arizona's College of Medicine was completed.

The indoor pool and hot tubs are the ideal way to recharge your batteries and relax after an exciting day of hiking. The location of the hotel also provides access to the surrounding area for a variety of leisure activities such as hiking, cycling, climbing, hiking and mountain biking, as well as camping.

If you can't escape work while traveling to Flagstaff, you can be sure that you'll have a flexible and comfortable workplace. The highly regarded staff is known for its friendliness and you can be sure you will be quickly available with helpful suggestions to make your stay at Residence Inn Flagford as smooth as possible. If you are unable to stretch your legs during the day but still want to exercise on the way to and from your trip, you will not want to miss the fitness center.

For people planning last minute trips or just to keep in touch with their contacts at home, free Wi-Fi is available in the complex. The online network of employers and industry experts at Residence Inn Flagford is designed to connect you with employers in your field on campus from the very first moment. Building strong relationships with colleagues in human resources management, lecturers and staff will make you a powerful and supportive network for your career. Students have the opportunity to work with faculty, staff, industry and professionals throughout the year to gain experience - as with the 2019 event, pictured right.

Each room has a kitchen and living area, while the hotel - comprehensive facilities include a full service fitness center, gym, gym and spa. Other hotel facilities include a gym, swimming pool, tennis court, spa, swimming pool and fitness centre, as well as an outdoor pool.

Each room is equipped with a fully equipped kitchen, a variety of materials including but not limited to: coffee, tea, wine, coffee mugs, glasses, glasses, dishes, candles and other household items. Each room has an ironing board, washing machine and dryer, as well as a bathroom and shower.

A curved mobile desk allows guests to create their own workspace and at the same time optimize their television transmission. The accommodation also has a large bed, a bedside table and chair, and an extra bed for additional and unexpected guests.

The interior decor features organic patterns and fresh colors that build on the natural design and mix wood tones with light colors. In the lobby, guests can relax, be productive or enjoy breakfast and snacks in a modern and flexible space with an open floor plan and a wide selection of seating. The lighting in the rooms is flexible and the modern design includes a wide selection of connectors for electronic devices.

If you are visiting Flagstaff to be surrounded by natural wonders, your stay at the FlagStaff Residence Inn will put you in a good position while you visit Flagstaff. On-site parking at $7 a day makes it easy to navigate through Flagstaff to get to the hotel's main entrance and parking garage quickly and easily. re away from home in Arizona for business, vacation or just a weekend, the Residences Inn, Flag employees and guests all have spacious living spaces.

Flexible and functional, the rooms have well-designed work areas where guests need them, such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room and even a guest bathroom.

The hotel's rooms and suites are inspired by nature and feature living and working areas close to the windows, which creates more natural light and views while also inspiring nature. Eat in one of the many inviting lobby rooms or take it outside to sit and watch the sunrise, sunset or sunrise over the Arizona desert. Inside the hotel, there is an open public space with natural light from the lobby, which connects the interior with the exterior. Relax in central spots such as the rooftop pool, outdoor terrace, terrace bar and outdoor dining area, and enjoy drinks and snacks from the 24 / 7 Corner Market.

The new design places the sleeping area in the middle of the room and helps to provide guests with a more comfortable and comfortable sleeping experience and better access to the bathroom.

Located in the center of Flagstaff, guests can easily walk to nearby hotels including the Arizona Museum of Natural History, Arizona State University and the University of Arizona. Acclaimed Arizona establishment Diablo's burgers are available in the hotel, along with many other options that satisfy a variety of culinary interests and tastes. A complimentary hot breakfast is served each morning, which includes scrambled eggs, homemade waffles, breakfast sandwiches or breakfast burritos.

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More About Flagstaff