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As summer officially begins on June 21, we have determined that the Flagstaff Blues & Brews Festival on June 7 and 8 is the best way to start the summer. As a farewell to summer and the start of the autumn season, Flagstaff Oktoberfest is entering its 11th year on 1 and 2 July.

If you're looking for good entertainment and want to escape the hot sun in summer 2019, come to Flagstaff and enjoy the festival. Watch the great music at the Museum Club and keep an eye out while you're there to see one or two ghosts lurking in the background.

Could you imagine a scenario in which the theatre reopens, and how does that affect the independent music scene in Flagstaff? So we're reaching out to everyone in the community and to the fans and asking them to reach out to people and tell them how bad it is for our independent music scene. There was a wave of interest in live music because people wanted it and it was kind of taken away from us.

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I say this because I was a star - eyeing 20-something when Arizona Music Pro opened its doors in the back corner of the Phoenix Convention Center in 2010.

There was a cool local band that liked to fly under the radar and play a small town, and in 1963 Bob Wills, a steel guitarist who spent time with Texas Playboys, bought the club and moved with his wife to Flagstaff. In 1983 Peter moved back to Arizona where he played in various bands, including some bands where he still occasionally plays. His current band, Sonoran Dogs, was formed in 2009 after playing in local bands in Phoenix and Tucson for several years.

The concert season runs from May to September and typically features pop-up shows in late spring and early autumn. The season concludes with the annual Flagstaff Music Festival, a three-day festival of music, food and entertainment.

This year's artists include the belly dances of the Anahata tribe, hip-hop, folk, jazz, country, blues, rock, soul and soul. A performance by Miss Phoenix Pride 2018 will provide entertainment at the Flagstaff Music Festival on Saturday, June 2, and Sunday, July 1, 2018.

At first glance, you would never suspect that this four-piece band with their soft, bluesy guitars feels like they are in a state of limbo - at first through a kaleidoscope. Celtic Band will take to the stage at Flagstaff Music Festival on Saturday 2 June and Sunday 1 July 2018 with a diverse mix of folk, jazz, blues, country, rock, soul and soul. The band's four lead guitarists, all musicians themselves, are a blend of blues and rock'n "roll, with a touch of hip-hop, folk and jazz.

They are Ve have just released their self-titled debut album, and it gets people up and off their feet to dance in their joints. There is no doubt that this band is a product of Flagstaff, but there is a good word to use, and that is what we need to keep playing our music.

I was surprised that the turnout was decent because hipster bands start hipsters and follow them, which is what there are many in Flagstaff, and they play at the Firecreek Coffee Company, where hipsters come from. Interestingly, the club is not only home to Donnie Darko, but also a number of other local bands and some local artists.

More than any other music hall in the city, the Green Room continues to offer a diverse mix of local and regional music, as well as some of the biggest shows in town. It has quickly become a watering hole for local or regional artists to hold album release parties, host a resident DJ for groovy house nights, and host indie acts to throw at. The ruthless western sound of Mother Road remains one of Flagstaff's most popular music venues and a fixture on the city's music scene. Located on the corner of Main Street and State Street, just blocks from the University of Arizona campus, it dates back to 1910 and has been located on the west side of the city since it opened.

In May they released their debut album, which is literally named, and it takes on an eclectic mix of influences ranging from desert rock, psychedelia and good country. The power trio Sol Drop is unique because it successfully integrates punk rock sensibilities into the blues and elicits them from the audience. They go in a familiar line with outfits like the Arctic Monkeys, Kooks and The Libertines, but every band that fits that mold has left their mark on the stage. It is a light version of alternative rock and is regularly stirred up with a hefty dose of soul, funk, blues, hip-hop and more.

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